Romsey Male Voice Choir’s team of over 60 members share a passion for singing and fun. If you too love singing why not find out more about us?

Come along to a rehearsal to hear what we do; all visitors are welcome especially if they have a voice! New members join an established Choir aiming high, and the quality and reputation of our singing and performances improves year on year.

RMVC’s only stipulations for membership are loving to sing and being able to hold a tune. We know an unused voice takes time to develop, so we’re not expecting Pavarottis, Paul McCartneys or Gary Barlows from day one. So relax and just give it a go.

New members don’t have to audition, they are supported by other experienced Choir members in the early days, and the atmosphere in rehearsals is friendly, non-judgmental and welcoming.

The Choir holds weekly rehearsals (Monday evenings in Romsey). We perform 5 - 6 major concerts a year, with others staged on request, and RMVC has an annual weekend tour. Great singing, strong fellowship and a fun social life. Interested?

Young or not so young get in touch to see if RMVC is for you.

Click here to learn more about membership and get your questions answered.

Bath Festival with the cups Success in our first competition at the Bath Festival The second half shows we are still 'The Green Jackets'. Singing in Romsey's Plaza Theatre Fun at the Plaza Just a bit of fun New green polos Taking rehearsals seriously.

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