Taster Songs Training Tracks

Taster Songs Training Tracks


You may know that the Choir is divided into 4 parts or sections. Those singers with higher voices are in the first or second tenor sections and those with lower voices are in the baritone or bass sections. It is this division that enables harmony in singing to be achieved.

For those who have not previously sung in a choir our 'taster songs training tracks' provide an important element in helping you to learn pieces away from weekly rehearsals and become familiar with the words and notes of the section that fits your voice best. The two pieces shown below are being used by the choir and potential new members at our taster sessions.  Once you have joined the choir you will have access to the full repertoire of training tracks.

Please click any of the red links below to hear your preferred voice section.  eg if you click T1 you will hear the First Tenor line only, B1 the Baritone line only and ALL to hear all voices singing together.


Taster Tracks

Song Title First Tenor Second Tenor Baritone Bass All Date Loaded
Away from the Roll of the Sea T1 T2 B1 B2 All 08/05/22
Sweet Caroline T1   B1   All 08/05/22