How seriously does RMVC take what it does and how it does it?

Very seriously, because we believe audiences deserve us to give them quality entertainment, and the better we are the more money we can raise for good causes. We aim to give our best, professionally, with harmony on and off stage, in the spirit of fellowship and fun!

Will I have to audition?

No. RMVC does not hold auditions. As a new recruit (probationer) you will be given a trial in the choir section you think will best suit your voice (first tenor, second tenor, baritone, bass) and supported by a mentor in developing your singing ability.

What happens after the trial period?

During the trial period we and you will assess whether you are in the right section of the choir. If you are not you can move to another section. After the trial if you are right for RMVC, and the choir is right for you, we’ll look forward to awarding you RMVC’s green blazer and red tie, confirming you as a full member of the Choir.

If I’m not a good enough singer what happens?

It can happen, and the fairest thing is for us to be honest and tell you if we believe your voice is not a good fit for the Choir.

Do I have to be able to read music?

It's not necessary and many members don't read music; rehearsals are conducted en masse and members are guided by a mentor, and provided with sheet music as well as recorded learning tracks to study at home. It's a bonus if you have learnt to read music, but if not, you'll pick up many helpful tips. At concerts we sing from memory and although that sounds quite a task, it's not unlike learning to ride a bike, the early steps are slow and then it starts to fall into place. Do come and try.

Will I be expected to take part in every concert performed?

That would be great, and we do expect Choir members to perform in most concerts over a year. However, we recognise that it may not be possible for you to sing in every concert.

Where does RMVC perform?

RMVC normally books or performs in larger venues able to accommodate at least 40 singers and audiences over 200. Past venues include Romsey Abbey: Winchester Cathedral: The Anvil in Basingstoke: The Lights in Andover: The Lighthouse in Poole: Chandlers Ford Methodist Church, and other large churches. The Choir has also performed on stage at the Mayflower Theatre in a charity show. As well as this annually RMVC goes on tour, singing with other MVCs for 2-3 days over or around a weekend. Tours have taken us to Wales, Harrogate, Falmouth, Jersey and France. Partners are always invited.

Where and when does RMVC rehearse?

Rehearsals happen every Monday from 7.30 – 9.30pm, apart from a short summer break. Currently RMVC meets to rehearse in the Baptist Church in Bell Street in Romsey.

How much will it cost me to become a member of RMVC?

RMVC members pay an annual subscription of £120, payable by 12 monthly instalments of £10.00

Do I have to buy my music?

No, all music is provided to singers at no cost. However, since each music file costs RMVC around £350, so we do ask members to take care of the sheet music and to pay for any losses.

What is the Choir uniform?

For concerts, and other occasions when RMVC performs the  formal uniform is the Choir's distinctive green blazer, red tie and white shirt, black trousers, black socks and shoes. RMVC's more relaxed uniform replaces the green jackets with a red shirt and black tie. Trousers, socks and shoes are black.  This is one area where we do have a strict rule for members to ensure RMVC looks good on stage. In addition to concert uniforms we have branded polo shirts, sweat shirts and outdoor jackets worn at concert rehearsals.

Do I need to purchase the choir uniform?

When you become a full member you will be given a green blazer and red tie for a small non-refundable deposit. Both blazer and tie are returnable if you move on from RMVC. White shirt, black trousers and shoes we expect members to provide for themselves. RMVC also subsidises other branded elements of the uniform as noted above and these are purchased by members.

Do I have to take part in the running of RMVC?

RMVC has a team of annually elected members with different roles responsible for most decision-making. The Committee is informed by Choir members views gained through section representatives and RMVC’s AGM. We do though urge everyone to do something, however small, for the Choir every year in areas such as selling tickets, erecting staging, putting up posters and giving out flyers.

What social activities does RMVC organise?

After RMVC organised concerts the Choir and their partners/guests normally retire for a social ‘Afterglow’ in a local pub, often with fellow concert performers. ‘Wherever we go together we sing together’, so the evening always ends in song (with the permission of landlords). In addition RMVC organises various social activities including an annual Christmas party.