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RMVC - Time to let our hair down!

With George Andreae’s entertaining poetry recital and Kevin Cleary’s brilliant comedy stand-up routine what was not to like about RMVC’s Christmas party? This was followed by former chorister, Alan Kingwell carrying on the Choir tradition of singing the 12 Days of Christmas, a competitive belting out of the words combined with jumping up and down from seats as each table strove to outdo the others in volume and enthusiasm. Finally, before carriages awaited, in stepped the inestimable Brian Budden, effortlessly and without music, creating a medley of Christmas songs on the piano, and (no surprises) party goers as ever finished in harmonious song. Yes, it was indeed another great year for the Choir Christmas party.

From the start the room at Romsey Golf Club was packed with choristers and their partners all determined to enjoy great company and the excellent Christmas fare served up by the Golf Club staff. Afterwards Chairman Peter Ashby summed up the evening:

“I think we should thank George, and all others who helped to organise such a warm, friendly and successful event, and also thank the Golf Club for once more doing us proud with the food and service. But most of all we should be grateful to everyone (and perhaps a glass or two of wine) for yet again demonstrating what RMVC fellowship really means. What a great way to kick off the Christmas festivities”

An update: Since the party Kevin Cleary has been able to take yet more parcels of food from RMVC to the Romsey Food Bank along with the £250 raised in the raffle on the night.

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