RMVC INTERREGNUM – March 2020 – July 2021 News

RMVC INTERREGNUM – March 2020 – July 2021

We have been out of the public eye, but still managed to keep our eye in…….

Yes, it has been a long 18 months, and like everyone else choir members have been locked down and locked in with just virtual powers helping us to keep on singing as a choir. However, musical scores steered clear of archives, computers and iPads were energised and the wonders of Zoom came to the rescue. It wasn’t the same, but we could sing with Marion taking the lead, we could talk to each other, and we did have some quizzes along the way.

SO……now we can finally get back to singing the way we do best, relieved, and very grateful that all of our choir members have managed to come through this difficult time without getting Covid.