It was a Standing Ovation for Generations News

It was a Standing Ovation for Generations

For the 5th time it seems RMVC’s formula of bringing together different Generations to sing proved once more to be a winner. The wonderful audience reaction throughout the concert staged in November was a huge tonic for all the performers and once again music worked its emotional, spiritual, and joyous magic in the beautiful setting of Romsey Abbey.

If anyone had any doubts about the musical talent within Romsey schools, then the Generations concert could only dispel them. From the charming, animated, and extremely together performances of the Romsey Abbey Primary School Choir, to the amazing big sound, big talents of the Mountabatten Big Band and the equally talented Romsey School Single Reed Ensemble it was very clear that the love of music means so much to the young. And, not quite so young, we were treated to the moving and haunting voices of Romsey Youth Chamber Choir with clear notes rising high, high up into the nave before falling again to caress the audience. Finally, Romsey Male Voice Choir. Well, we love to sing and thankfully our performance on the night we’ve been assured did us credit, and if anything makes ‘the boys’ happy it’s having a happy audience.

It must be noted that it was the finale ‘You Raise Me Up’ which literally raised the audience to its feet. The Primary School Choir, largely unseen from their seats at the side of the Abbey, joined RMVC and the Youth Choir, all led by Marion, singing enthusiastically, just as they had enthusiastically danced in the aisles to the music of the Big Band. Wonderful!

Our thanks as always go to RMVC’s Musical Director, Marion Maxey, who also directed the Romsey Abbey Primary School and Romsey Youth Chamber Choir. To Stu Marchant the Big Band conductor and Director of Music at Mountbatten School and to Megan Jefferis who conducted the Romsey School Single Reed Ensemble. We also thank Richard Stannard, RMVC’s accompanist and Chris Maxey who accompanied the Primary School and Youth Choirs. And then, of course, our best thanks of all goes to the young people who entertained us so royally, and we hope each and every one of them will take their love of music with them in their life journeys.

Finally, the Abbey Staff were great; our ladies support group was as ever great, and Mike Bull RMVC’s concert secretary deserves thanks for organising this year’s Generations Concert.


  • A standing ovation following a performance.

    A Standing Ovation