A Distinction and a Cup! News

A Distinction and a Cup!

Neil Jenkins, internationally known tenor, conductor, music editor, and formerly first tenor in the renowned vocal group 'The Kings Singers', was the adjudicator; RMVC the male voice choir under his thoughtful scrutiny. With knees slightly trembling the Choir took its place on stage at Thornden Hall to perform five pieces from the Choir’s repertoire including Chattanooga Choo Choo, Unchained Melody and the Welsh Prayer. The occasion was Southampton Music Festival Choir Competition, and for us taking part was a valuable chance to get an independent assessment of just how good (or otherwise) we really are.

Peppering his comments with light humour Neil Jenkins gave an honest and useful critique of our performance of each number leading to an overall verdict which was indeed music to our ears. Congratulating RMVC Neil awarded RMVC an amazing eighty nine percent distinction, and that earned the Choir its very first cup presented on the night to Musical Director, Marion Maxey.

Not bad for our initial foray into the world of being formally judged. So very well done to ‘the Boys’

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