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All Change at the Top

Having spent 4 years as RMVC’s General Secretary and now 3 years in the role of Chairman, the time is right for me to ‘retire to the benches’ and I am delighted that a relative newcomer to the Choir, Peter Ashby, has taken over at the helm alongside a number of new members within the Choir Committee.

The past 3 years for me have been both enjoyable and I hope and believe productive for RMVC. There is no doubt that year on year the Choir progresses in many ways and I am proud to have been able to take the lead during a period of noteworthy musical events, and a period when RMVC has raised the magnificent sum of over £45,000 for our nominated charities. Musical highlights have included our appearance at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2016, the Choir being judged strong enough to win trophies at music festivals in Southampton and Bath, the production of a new CD to celebrate RMVC’s 20th Anniversary, and our latest DVD of a truly memorable massed male choir concert in Romsey Abbey in July this year. We have also gained a Royal Patron, the Honourable Alexandra Knatchbull and a well-acclaimed music Patron Haydn James.

On a personal level I would like to thank the team who have supported me, including of course my deputy Terry Morrison. I also thank all our great singers for making concerts so special and for the camaraderie and fellowship they create within the Choir which makes being part of RMVC so pleasurable. And it goes without saying that I am hugely grateful to Marion Maxey our Musical Director, who has done so much to take the Choir forward, as well as the equally talented Richard Stannard, Marion’s deputy and our accompanist Brian Budden.

In summary being Chairman of RMVC has been both a privilege and an honour. I know the Choir will go on improving in the safe hands of our new Chairman Peter Ashby, and that he and the new Committee will continue to steer the Choir in the right direction.

In response to Geoff’s thanks lifelong Choir President Keith Lawrenson said he is grateful for Geoff’s contribution and hard work over the past 3 years. “Geoff has been a great and dedicated Chairman and I would personally like to thank him for everything he has done for RMVC and for helping us to continue to grow as a Choir. He now definitely deserves to relax and just enjoy his singing.”


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    Chairman handover