RMVC Singing at the Royal Albert Hall News

RMVC Singing at the Royal Albert Hall

On Saturday 15 October this year RMVC will take part in the 25th London Welsh Festival of Male Choirs at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Though the invitation to this prestigious event is both a privilege and an exciting new venture for the Choir, it also presents its own challenges, with 7 of the 17 pieces in the programme to be performed in Welsh. RMVC is not un-used to singing in other languages, including, Maori, Italian and Welsh, but getting our mainly English tongues around the phonetics can be tricky. However, we’re well on our way in rehearsals, and fingers crossed will be word (and accent) perfect by the big day.

If you’d like tickets for this event visit www.royalalberthall.com but hurry they really are going fast.


  • Outside the Royal Albert Hall.
  • Inside the Royal Albert Hall.