RMVC takes an inclusive approach to decision-making with an annually elected General Choir Committee supporting the team below.

But to misquote John F Kennedy “Think not what the Choir can do for you, but what you can do for the Choir”. With this philosophy we urge every singer to play a part, however small, in the organisation and running of the Choir.

President: Keith Lawrenson

Co-founder of RMVC, Keith Lawrenson uses his winning personality and expertise to great effect to help maintain the harmony of the Choir and build its reputation for professionalism and fun.

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Chairman: Geoff Skinner

In the hot seat for 2 years as Chairman, Geoff keeps his finger on the pulse of the Choir while maintaining a light touch in ensuring what should happen does happen.

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Secretary: Mike Townend

Mike’s expertise and conscientiousness in taking on administrative tasks servicing Choir Committee meetings, and RMVC’s Annual General Meeting, are greatly valued.

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Membership Secretary: Martyn Coombes

The Membership Secretary’s job of keeping everyone informed and updated about who is who, is crucial to the right people being included in the right communications, including global emails and communications filtered through section representatives.

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Librarian: Peter Ashby

Where would a choir be without its music? Peter’s job in costing, ordering, maintaining and keeping track of the expensive sheet music is crucial to the smooth running of the Choir.

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Deputy MD & Accompanist: Richard Stannard

Richard is an accomplished musician and has taught music for well over 30 years including 18 as the highly respected Head of Music at Thornden School where he also formed the Thornden Community Wind Band.

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